Operator responsibilities include pursuit, apprehension, restraint and control – all with a margin of defensible safety. State of the art countermeasures designed by operators for operators[1]


  • Course Length: 2 Days (16hours)
    Facilities: PowerPoint – mats recommended
  • Prerequisites: None                      
  • Weapons: None                 
  • Prior Training: None
  • Requirements: Established as per hosting agency.
  • What to expect:Brief lecture, demonstration, practical familiarization exercises (mostly hands-on), information-based training and medium physical activity.

 Yoc2ou spend most of your time training for the 1% shooting encounter, but 99% of the time you encounter no lethal threat.  In addition when is the last time you trained to defend yourself in full kit against an assailant you cannot shoot for legal, tactical, or environmental reasons?

How would you handle non, semi or fully compliant persons when moving through a structure in full kit with a long gun or handgun? How would you immediately respond to defeat a subject in mid-presentation at arms length BEFORE you could access your firearm? How would you immediately defend against a sling grab or attempted takedown?
This course empowers you with confidence and capability to competently and effectively control such situations by employing use-of-force-appropriate operational concepts and counter measures.

In this outstanding two-day (16 hour) block of study you will be presented with the essential building blocks for long gun carry options, weapon indexing, asymmetrical transitions, long gun countermeasures (versus attempted weapon/ sling grabs), subject control (with long gun),operator countermeasures (with handgun), extended handgun retention, handgun counter retention and subject control (with a handgun).



  • Weapon Indexing and Transitions – Lock to primary, ½, ¼ and full slide.
  • Long Gun Countermeasures – Shoulder and arm retention, use of legs, impact and distraction striking.
  • Long Gun Retention – Open and Closed side retention and defense against sling grabs.
  • Long Gun Counter Retention – Sectoring and handling blindside attacks.
  • Long Gun Subject Control – Action language,takedowns, and cuffing.
  • Handgun Countermeasures – Learn all four retention positions and practical application.
  • Handgun Retention – Open/ Closed, lateral, front and rear attack defenses.
  • Handgun Counter Retention – Sectoring, angular attacks, stabilization and secure.
  • Handgun Subject Control – Action language, Takedowns, cuffing.

oc4What to Bring:Program of instruction can be run slick or in full kit based on training supervisory recommendation. Notebooks (or notepads) are very welcome. Still photos and limited video OK.


Weapons: Inert weapons are required for this program of instruction.

All other training materials supplied.

[1] Course lead by Retired SWAT Cmdr Tom Rovetuso (former USMC) of Angel One Training, LLC