Have you ever wanted to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones with the skills of a trained protective agent?

Protective Agent

  • Course Length: 2 Days (16 hours)
  • Facilities: Classroom and outdoor range.
  • Prerequisites: Basic Firearms Training Certificate                  
  • Weapons: Pistol (semi-auto or revolver – no full auto permitted (ex. G18) in this course).
  • Prior Training: Intermediate Level. Firearms safety and handling skills certification required.
  • Requirements: Must be over 21 years of age with a valid ID (driver’s license), Must show proof of prior training (copies of at least two certificates of prior course completions)
  • What to expect: Qualification (yes, you must pass a basic qualification course of fire to demonstrate safe gun handling, basic marksmanship and ability to follow range commands). If you fail out your course fees will be refunded.

Brief lecture, demonstration, practical familiarization exercises (mostly hands-on), information-based training and physical activity.

paf2Learn the skills and the knowledge of an armed protective agent. Designed for the seasoned/  intermediate level shooter – you must submit proof of recent prior training as this is NOT a square-range shooting course – this IS a 360 professional hands-on protective services approach to doing what it takes to get yourself and your protectee(s) immediately out of trouble and to safety.

Applicable on the job, at home, in your car and while traveling, this IS an opportunity for you to take home field-tested “bread and butter” techniques, sustainment drills and proven tactics.

Course content includes: The fundamentals of Protective Intelligence, Attack Recognition, Threat Assessment and appropriate armed response, How to move yourself and your protectee(s) to and from controlled/ uncontrolled Areas, Concealed Carry immediate Access and Rapid Deployment, Asymmetric Firing Positions, Handgun Defense against contact-range Edged Weapon and Impact Weapon attacks, Threat Engagement in both open and confined areas including vehicles, Confronting Multiple Attackers, Fighting with a Handgun from the ground (access, deployment, retention, tactical recovery, etc.,), Handgun Weapon Retention (in/ out of the holster, stationary, clearing, etc.,), Counter-retention (takeaways, principals of disarming, multiple positions, etc.,) and Hostage Scenarios (should you be held at gunpoint).

paf4Real-world Scenarios (single/ multiple threats 360 approach), Screening, Walking formations (teams and individual), Multiple position threat engagement, Managing the fateful Injury/ Distance liability gap, Cover and Evacuation, Hostage Escape, and Armed defense against single and multiple assailants with protective movement.
Protective Agent
What to Bring: Wear what you normally wear. Notebooks (or notepads) are very welcome. Still photos and limited video OK.

Attendees must bring traditional range kit to include duty/ off-duty carry pistol, holster, mag pouches, 3 magazines, eye and ear protection, ball cap, 500 rds of FMJ ball ammo, range cleaning gear.

Gloves are mandatory.

Knee and elbow protection are optional. Type of ammunition (TBD) may be subject to specific range requirements.

This is professional level training where you will take home a tremendous volume of EXTREMELY valuable protective skills.