How do you handle a real-world threat

BEFORE it progresses to a physical altercation?

ATM Defense 2

  • Course Length: 1 Day (8 hours)
  • Facilities: PowerPoint – no mats needed
  • Prerequisites: None                      
  • Weapons: None                 
  • Prior Training: None
  • Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age.

What to expect: Interactive workshop, lecture, demonstration, practical familiarization exercises, information-based training and very little physical activity – role playing only.                                                                                                  

What can you do to protect your daughter going off to college and living away from home for the first time? You don’t expect your home to be invaded when you’re relaxing in front of your TV. You don’t expect your kids to be bullied, abducted, or even worse when you send them off to school. You don’t expect to be carjacked or physically assaulted when walking to or from your vehicle. You don’t expect to be shot at while running errands at work, at school, or even sitting -in a movie theater. However, bad things happen to good people every day. Instead of being blindsided and forced to react to these incidents, what if you could see them coming and even prevent them from happening?

Akin to preventive medicine—a holistic approach to healthcare in preventing disease— Preventative Defense or PreFense® is a holistic approach to threat management and protection from bad things that happen to good people.


Using your common sense and good habits, PreFense® teaches you how to

  • Lower your threat profile, making you significantly less vulnerable
  • Identify and disrupt pre-attack behaviors before they convert to an attack
  • Avoid, mitigate, and even defend against a physical assault using protective concepts
  • Use your environment as an extension of your awareness to manage any threat
  • Leverage the one denominator common to all human predators against them

4This PreFense® interactive workshop offers a tremendous wealth of knowledge and empowerment to anyone who is concerned about their protection and that of their loved ones from real-world threats at home, school, work, or while travelling and who wants to know what to do about it.


The course is divided into two parts: Before lunch you are introduced to the art and science of “Protective Intelligence” gaining “the 90% Advantage” learning how to avoid and mitigate any threat. After lunch you are introduced to the very easy-to-learn (and remember!) steps in how to defend against any physical assault without the need for a gun or a karate chop.


    • The 90% Advantage – Learn how to control a “threat progression” and how you can take the VERY “unfair” advantage of successfully managing a potential threat BEFORE it progress into a physical altercation
    • Threat Management – Using “threat identification” skills, situational awareness, and professional observation skills, learn how to avoid, mitigate and if necessary defend against a real-world threat.
    • Empowerment – Gain the protective knowledge plus the field-tested skills of protection  professionals and exactly how to apply them in your day at home, school, work, while driving, shopping, on vacation, etc.,


  • Stop the Bad Guy(s) – For any predator to attack you there are three things that MUST go exactly right for him/ them to be successful. Disrupting even JUST ONE of them foils his plans and causes him to go look elsewhere for a victim. Learn exactly what these critical items are, what to look for and how they work.
  • Hands On – OK this all sounds great, but what if there’s just no way to avoid or even mitigate a threat even by taking full opportunity of the 90% Advantage against a threat progression. What can I do if it DOES somehow end up progressing into a physical attack? Learn what it takes to take and keep control if you find yourself confronting a physical threat.

What to Bring: Comfortable attire – wear what you normally wear. Notebooks (or notepads) are very welcome. Still photos and limited video OK.

This is training is fun and easy to learn! You walk away with a tremendous amount of EXTREMELY valuable and useful information with very minimal physical effort.