Kidnapping is VERY big business in many countries including the United States – what should you know to prevent or avoid an adult kidnapping or child abduction?

  • Course Length: 1 Day (8hours)
  • Facilities: PowerPoint – no mats needed
  • Prerequisites: None                      
  • Weapons: None                 
  • Prior Training: None
  • Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • What to expect:Interactive workshop, lecture, demonstration, practical familiarization exercises, information-based training and very little physical activity – role playing only.

ak3Critical to your survival or that of your loved ones in the event of an attempted abduction, kidnapping for ransom and hostage situations this course provides the essentials in preparation, avoidance, anti-kidnapping and counter-hostage measures. All protective concepts and measures are designed to increase survivability and chances of escape in an abduction scenario.


Training includes appropriate preparation, Counter Abduction Principles, potential threat recognition, potential target areas, situational survival, vulnerability assessment, route and travel security, the usage of environment and improvised weapons, counter-retention, contact weapons, resistance and escape at key intervals throughout an incident from its inception through interment. Focus is placed on breaking contact as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Mindset – Understanding and adopting the “Protective Mindset” sets the foundation of why and how to break from an abduction or an attempted kidnapping.
  • Anatomy of Abduction – Learning the set patterns and “stages” of abduction gains you the advantage of knowing when and how break away prior and during an attempt.
  • Avoidance – The very best of any option with regards to anti-kidnapping. Know what to look for, how to identify and recognize an attempted abduction.
  • Breakpoints and Options – Based on the Anatomy of an Abduction you will be introduced to breakpoints and options for escape and evasion.
  • Environmental Control – You control the kidnapping environment or the kidnapping environment controls you. Learn how to take and keep control of your mobility, range and position in the event of an actual abduction engagement.
  • Breakaway (from abduction) – Taking full advantage of your knowledge of the Anatomy of Abduction, Breakpoints and Options in learning specific “breakaway” counter-measures.
  • Escape (from interment) – In the event of an actual capture what techniques can you utilize to escape both (or either) vehicular or structural interment.

What to Bring:

    Comfortable attire – wear what you normally wear. Notebooks (or notepads) are very welcome. Still photos and limited video OK.

This is very easy-to-learn training. You walk away with a tremendous amount of EXTREMELY valuable and useful information with very minimal physical effort.