anti_kidnappingIn just the past two years, the number of world-wide attacks has increased significantly. Transnational terrorists, cartels, organized crime and common criminals are adding kidnapping to their expanding repertoire. Although there are a total of nine (9) distinctly different types of kidnapping, only three types of kidnapping are economically driven (ransom), so what about the other six? Why are these far more dangerous and what are the current global kidnapping trends and identifiable tactics? Regardless of the type of kidnapping, you don’t just suddenly end up in the trunk of a car – all kidnappings follow a set five-step physical process. If you take even minor precautionary steps, you greatly lower your risk. Utilizing counter-tactics and preventative measures this presentation provides you with the knowledge of how to identify the five-step process and further influence each individual step to avoid, mitigate and, if ever needed, defend against an actual kidnapping.