preventative_defenseLet’s face it, you don’t expect your home to be invaded when you’re asleep in your bed. You don’t expect your kids to be bullied or kidnapped when you send them off to school. You don’t expect to be shot while sitting in a movie theater with your family. However, bad things happen to good people every day. In response, most people believe they would dial 911 while others might use a gun or karate chop to try and solve the problem. What if there was a third option – one that up until now has only been available to the privileged few? Instead of being blindsided and forced to react to these incidents, what if you could see them coming and preventthem from happening? Although it may be impossible to predict exactly when or where a physical attack may occur, it is possible, and critical to recognize and understand how such life-changing events will occur. By dissecting the how this presentation enables you to understand the anatomy of an attack and therefore gain the knowledge and skills to stop preventable violence.