residential_protectionAt the end of a long day, who doesn’t look forward to coming home? Home is your castle, your sanctuary, where you and your family feel the safest and most secure. It’s also a primary target of the predator. Looking at it from the viewpoint of a predator your home is a one-stop-shop of exploitable opportunity. To the drug addict, repeat offender, and criminal opportunist, your home is a treasure trove of cash, expensive jewelry, high-end electronics, weapons, tools, etc. To the sexual predator your home is a prime hunting ground where potential victims can be observed and targeted, knowing that when they are asleep, or otherwise occupied, they are vulnerable to attack. At the end of this presentation you take home the knowledge and skills to take and keep positive control of your home from a threat management and protection perspective. You will gain the knowledge of how to remain proactive in detection, deterrence and delay utilizing concentric rings of protection. This presentation additionally covers attack analysis from the predator’s perspective and in doing so teaches you how to establish visible and invisible barriers further securing your residential protection.