What if someone attacked you with a firearm, an edged weapon or an impact weapon? How would you disarm them?


  • Course Length: 2 Days (16hours)
  • Facilities: PowerPoint – no mats needed
  • Prerequisites: None                      
  • Weapons: None                 
  • Prior Training: None
  • Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age with a valid ID (driver’s license)
  • What to expect:Brief lecture, demonstration, practical familiarization exercises (mostly hands-on), information-based training and medium physical activity.

ud2Using a weapon is a poor choice for most assailants and simply knowing how to take it away may well end the encounter. This course is not intended to make you proficient with a weapon but simply to provide you with the skills necessary to disarm a determined opponent armed with a gun, edged weapon or impact weapon. You’ll learn very simple concepts and very easy-to-execute techniques to disarm an opponent armed with a variety of weapons. There is no prerequisite for this course. Instruction includes: Threat Management involving Weapons, Handgun, Rifle / Shotgun Disarm techniques, Impact Weapons Disarm techniques, Edged Weapons Disarm techniques, Control Points and Influencing the Body, Distance/ Injury Risk Metrics and disarming while under duress.


In the last line of defense, where you have exhausted every attempt at getting off the “X”, using defensive tactics or de-escalating the situation, there is one last ditch effort – one final option – attempt to disarm the weapon being used against you. Scope of study includes disarming impact and edged weapons and firearms utilized by an aggressive adversary where you are placed in danger of severe bodily injury or death. Material includes personal defense against life-threatening and violent attacks on your person as well as escapes from the most common hostage scenarios involving firearms, edged and impact weapons.




  • Committed and Uncommitted Attacks – How to identify and engage a determined attacker versus a non-committal opportunist who is just trying to scare you.
  • Optimal Unarmed Response – Know the “Rules of Engagement” and how to use them to your advantage in staying low on the personal Injury Scale and how to minimize contact.
  • The Best-kept Secrets of Disarming – Learn what the professionals know about how very easy it is to control an opponent wielding a weapon.
  • Handling Edged Weapon Attacks – Knowing how and when to disarm an attacker wielding an Edged Weapon of any size or type.
  • Handling Firearm Attacks – How to disarm an active shooter wielding a pistol, shotgun rifle and even a submachine gun!
  • Handling Impact Weapons – What to do should someone assault you with a baseball bat, tire-iron or some other type of bludgeoning weapon intent on severe bodily injury.
  • The Anatomy of Disarming – What are the key principals and exactly what to look for in disarming any weapon literally at a glance.
  • The three “R’s” of Disarming – Learn the difference in “Returning, Retaining and Releasing” a weapon and when and how to do each at will.



This is fun and easy to learn! You walk away with a tremendous amount of EXTREMELY valuable and useful information with minimal physical effort.


What to Bring: Comfortable attire but not sweatpants. Wear what you normally wear. Notebooks (or notepads) are very welcome. Still photos and limited video OK.


No weapons required for this program of instruction. All materials supplied.