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5 Ways to Stay Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are about good times with good people. You look forward to time off from work, spending quality time with your family and friends, time to reflect on your accomplishments and to set new goals for the new year. Holiday time is also cherished by the predator (criminal, terrorist, opportunist), who chooses to spend [...]

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The New Normal

Violent physical attacks on individuals who are unaware and unprepared for them, are considered the new normal. Those who are unaware and unprepared for a violent physical attack are viewed as soft targets by those planning to do the killing. In the past two months there has been a significant increase in such attacks on [...]

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An Alarming Trend

A couple of years ago, a news reporter at a Detroit television station announced that people using guns to defend themselves from marauders may be the beginning of “an alarming trend.” Brace yourself, as the state of the Union may have further deteriorated since. In a related conversation, one of my training industry colleagues asked [...]

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Gun Free Zones

Although it may not be possible to stop an active shooter from being an active shooter, it is possible to lower the number of casualties by reducing the danger to which potential victims may be exposed. In an excerpt from a New York Police Department active shootings analysis; “Research has determined that [shooting an assailant] [...]

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Home Defense

At the end of the day which of us doesn’t look forward to coming home? It’s the one place where your surroundings are the most familiar; you spend the majority of your off hours, wake up in the morning after a restful sleep, and immerse yourself in the things that mean the most to you. [...]

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Threat Avoidance

In the world of threat management and protection there are three ways to handle a threat as it develops form a potential threat to an actual physical attack—listed in preferred order: threat avoidance, threat mitigation and threat defense. For example if you couldn’t avoid verbal argument with someone and they started to raise their voice, [...]

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Knockout Game

Wikipedia defines Knockout Game one of many names given to physical assaults in which one or more assailants attempt to knock out an unsuspecting victim, often with a single sucker punch, all for the amusement of the attackers and their accomplices.[1] Jim Slater of Associated press writes that reports of Knockout Game have come from [...]

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Protective Intelligence

Protective Intelligenceis the art and science of understanding and further managing potential threats by collecting and assessing relevant information about adversaries who have the motivation, capability, and opportunity to mount attacks against a target. Looking at it from a predator’s viewpoint – you and anyone or anything of value or importance to you, are considered [...]

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What is Protection

Protection is that concept, method, or practice which prevents someone or something from suffering harm, or loss in the event of an attack. Protection implies a stable and relatively predictable environment, one where we may be at home, work, or school, seek recreation, and travel without fear of disturbance or injury. In other words, protection [...]

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Event Indicators

Every event that occurs has indicators that precede the event. Before someone speaks, they take a breath; before some applies the brakes, they move their foot over the brake pedal; before someone throws a punch, they make a fist. The key to situational awareness is learning to filter in the event indicators on which we [...]

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